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Two for the price of one

Posted on: February 26, 2009

I usually try to post twice a week on this blog. Okay… so I made the promise to myself that I would post twice a week to keep things chugging along. And I was bad this week because I’ve been so busy with living the life of a busy woman. The thing about retail management is that your schedule varies from week to week and you have really odd hours. Sometimes you’re at work at 7am. Sometimes you’re there until 11pm. It’s really hard to keep a regular routine, and that includes blogging and cooking.

Thankfully I have adopted “parents” who keep me on track. Albany Jane and Albany John often offer me their abode, whatever vegetarian goodies they’ve got and more often then not, their couch when I’m tuckered out from playing too much wii. Whoever said you make your friends but you’re given your family was wrong. These people are my family.

Who else would make sure that I eat something other than lo mein from the mall?

As a thank you for Mardis Gras, I offered to cook them dinner! Visiting my parents over the weekend, I picked up a yummy box of fresh ravioli from a Woodstock-local company called La Bella Pasta. I was introduced to this most wonderful stuff when my family moved from Kingston to Woodstock. The family across the street gave us a welcome basket full of fresh and delicious pasta. They own the place. Thus began a love affair! For more information about how you can get local and fresh pasta, go here: And if you ever have the chance, black bean ravioli with salsa… oh yum!

Now that my plug as been accomplished, I can continue. I had wanted to get the black bean ravioli, but it seems that they only do it over the summer. Can’t find it in the winter. I did come across a whole wheat ravioli that interested me. Biting into it was delicious. I love the nutty taste of whole weat pasta, but this had a surprise! Spinach mixed with the cheese. I wanted to do a sauce over them, but didn’t want to go the traditional Italian-style sauce route. Instead, I made a chili to go over it. We added diced tomatos, corn and beans into a pot. We then played add the spice that sounds good. Albany John helped me find the complete spice ratio, so I can’t even begin to tell you what was in it.

Albany John is great. He somehow manages to get just the right flavor, egging you on in just the right encouraging sort of way. Dad’s should take note on how he guides you into selecting the right spice and amount.

Albany Jane made cabbage and seitan. We all feasted which is the point of Shrove Tuesday. Lent has begun and its not going to be pretty. I’ve officially given up candy.

There’s a point to this rambly blog post. Here we go: Food is a fantastic way to show your family how much you appreciate the little things they don’t even know they do for you. I suppose my meal with a love letter to my adopted parents.


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Man, that was some good pasta. Consider that letter signed, sealed, delivered!

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