Anyone can cook!?

If only this quiz was on the facebook!

Posted on: February 26, 2009

I surround myself with people who love food. After chatting with them for a bit, I can tell the sort of chef they are.  One of my friends cooks everything at about 550 degrees if he can’t just broil it. He’s an impatient cook, never making anything that requires time. I can fondly remember arguments he’s had with someone who actually works for a living in a kitchen on how things ought to be cooked. Another uses so much butter she’s the second coming of Paula Dean. Yet another describes her boyfriend as a french chef. They make complicated dishes I would fretfully decide were far beyond my meager skills.

I’m a semi-homemade sort of girl. I’d much rather make something quick and easy and enjoy the entertaining part, or bring something that was quick to prepare because my schedule as a retail manager is rather full and complicated. Even when preparing meals for the week to bring to work, I think of how I can doctor something up so I’m spending my entire Sunday afternoon in my kitchen and can rather be spending it in my living room watching Friday night’s Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse. (Come on, the actors that play Helo AND Romo Lampkin are Dollhouse. Eyecandy alone makes it worthwhile to watch!)

Some of my favorite things to doctor up…

1. I love to add zuccini (usually frozen variety!) and fresh mushrooms to a roasted red pepper tomato sauce.

2. Spinach in alfredo sauce. I usually use frozen spinach. I should probably add here that frozen and canned veggies are my true love.

3. I tend to add fake bacon and apple slices to my sourkrought. Oh, and some white wine!

4. I make a simple chili that involves cans of diced tomatos, canned corn, and canned beans (black and kidney). I add chili pepper, garlic and onions. It doesn’t feel like I’m really cooking though, just doctoring stuff in the cabinets up.

5. Adding tofu to the ramen noodles! (I used to add chicken when I still ate poultry.)

For all the semi-homemade things I cook, one thing I will never buy pre-made is icing. For something relatively messy and sometimes complicated to make (double boilers for me are problematic at times), you simply cannot buy a good brown sugar icing to put on top of a chocolate cake… even one you made from a box.  The thing I will never made homemade? Humus. Not worth the effort.

As a sidenote, I spent last weekend with the family and will be spending this weekend with them as well. Look forward to a super family related food post!!


1 Response to "If only this quiz was on the facebook!"

Adding egg drop to ramen is also really tasty! I used to that all the time when I still ate the stuff. You just scramble an egg and then drop it as the water is fully boiling. Mmmmm

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