Anyone can cook!?

On Food and People

Posted on: February 19, 2009

I think food is the greatest common denominator. Everyone must eat; it’s a biological necessity to consume nutrients. It’s cliche to talk about the weather, and once you get the basics out of the way, there’s not much else to chit chat about. After all, discussion about how upper level temps  can affect surface p-types is only really interesting for those who frequent the WeatherUnderground blogs. Once you get into talking about forcasting models, people begin to tune you out.  People begin conversations with commonalities. Just like we’re all subjected to the whims of the weather, we’re subjected to the fact that we’re animals that need certain strings of protiens, fats and sugars to survive. And believe you me, food is more interesting to most people than meterology!

Food brings people together. Don’t believe me? Watch two vegetarians meet each other. When Smilez’s vegan relatives came to town, we got some Chinese food. What did we talk about? You guessed it; we talked about places to get great vegetarian and vegan cuisine.  Family memories are seated around a dinner table. My folks rarely cook anything unusual or extravagant during the week, but if I plan of spending the weekend at home with them, you can be sure there’s lots of discussion around making a special meal we all sit down to share. We spend weeks debating on meals for Holidays like Christmas and Easter. Thanksgiving we talk about what we look forward to the most. (I love green bean casserole! And pie…)

Food cheers people up and makes for happy memories. Some of my favorite memories include the Sunday morning potlucks I’d run that would last until 10pm at night. We make sympathy brownies for wakes and funerals. When a new neighbor moves in, we bring fresh bread or cookies. We go on dates to restaurants, or cook meals for our loved ones.

Food brings us together.


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